Sweet Harvest Fruit Mix Treat, 5.0 Oz Bag - Real Fruit for Birds and Small Animals - Rabbits, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Mice, Gerbils, Rats, Cockatiels, Parrots, Macaws, Conures

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Brand: Sweet Harvest


  • 5.0 Oz Bag
  • Raisins, Papaya, Banana, Apple
  • No Refrigeration Necessary
  • Small easy-to-eat pieces
  • A Healthy Treat for a Variety of Birds and Small Animals

Publisher: Kaylor of Colorado

Details: Sweet Harvest Fruit Mix 5.0 Oz Bag Sweet Harvest was first formulated and introduced in 1977. At the time there was only a very limited selection of natural products for bird and small animals. Many of the products available only offered artificial colors and flavors. Sweet Harvest was the first to achieve its colorful appearance by using all-natural ingredients. When feeding Sweet Harvest products for the first time you will quickly notice healthy changes in your pet’s health and mental wellbeing. Kaylor has always strived to use the highest quality, natural ingredients in our mixes and treats to help your pet maintain a healthy and complete diet. Kaylor’s naturally inspired product lines help to keep your pet happy and healthy by stimulating their natural instincts, while giving them the nutritional benefit they would get from their foraging habits. Ingredients: Raisins, Papaya, Banana, Apple. Directions: A treat for birds. Mix with food or feed separately 3-4 times a week.

Package Dimensions: 6.0 x 5.0 x 1.1 inches

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