Sweet Harvest Vitamin Enriched Conure & Lovebird Food 2 LB

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Brand: Sweet Harvest

Publisher: Kaylor of Colorado

Details: Sweet Harvest Conure and Lovebird Food by Kaylor of Colorado will help keep your pet active by stimulating their natural instincts, while giving them the nutritional benefit they would get from their foraging habits. This unique mix is made with only high quality vitamin-enriched ingredients to ensure bright feathers and healthy skin with a complete and balanced diet. Vitamins are coated onto the entire blend through the Kaylor Nutra-Guard Vitamin Enriching Process. A variety of ingredients are hulled prior to ensure your bird will get the most benefit for a longer healthier life. Sweet Harvest Conure & Lovebird contains no fillers meaning less waste, triple cleaned to ensure the finest quality of mix available to your pet, and comes in a nitrogen flushed barrier bag to ensure fresh mixes without bugs.

Package Dimensions: 11.3 x 7.5 x 2.7 inches

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